10 Best Ways to Advertise Your Tattoo Shop

10 Best Ways to Advertise Your Tattoo Shop


Tattoos are more popular than ever. Almost everyone you know has one. Breaking into the tattoo business and promoting yourself may be harder than you think. Check out this article for some great ways to get your name out there in the world of professional tattoos.

Tattoos gained acceptance in the 1990s, and the industry has grown since then. If you want to set up a tattoo business, you may be at a disadvantage just how to do it. The first point that you need to do is research and find out about the rules you need to comply with and the vital equipment you need to buy. On average, it will set you back around $ 15,000 to start a tattoo shop. It doesn’t really take into account the huge market for this kind of service, especially among youth. For this reason the business will have a high return on investment over time. A tattoo shop needs to be managed just like any other business, so it would be a big mistake to just open a shop and wait for customers to walk in. The tattoo business is somewhat competitive, and you’ll need to do something extra than just opening your shop to keep your business alive. This is where advertising and marketing strategies come in. Listed below are the top ten strategies to stimulate your tattoo shop and keep your business afloat.

1. Offer free tattoos for breast cancer survivors and sponsorship

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Cancer has become a worldwide epidemic. Passing through cancer is a significant achievement that is nothing short of phenomena and luck. Women who have had mastectomy performed on them because of breast cancer usually suffer a lot of stress and trauma. Offering these women a mastectomy tattoo will increase their self-esteem and present them with a new beginning in life. You could end up putting a lot of your time and abilities into this endeavor but the great thing is that it will give your business a positive image and attract people to come and get tattoos. You can do a charity bankroll and supply a tattoo service at a lower rate and donate the proceeds to a cause.

2. Embrace social media marketing

Tattoos are a craft and the best way to market a tattoo business is to monetize on the visual aspect. Hence you take pictures of your creations and share the graphics on various social media platforms. The best place to start is pinterest and instagram which are big on pictures. Facebook can also help you spread the world and attract new consumers.

3. Offline marketing

In this day and age, you might be tempted to focus all of your online marketing and brush up on traditional forms of marketing. However, this is certainly not a smart decision to make as it will limit the number of subscribers you have to only those who frequent the internet. Hire someone to come up with a logo for you and make sure your company is well branded. Consider offering coupons in mainstream newspapers, creating eye-catching custom business cards, flyers, and posters.

4. Come up with fashionable promotion tools

Spend money on bobble hats, t-shirts and bumper stickers and give or sell to customers. They have proven to be a reliable method of promoting a tattoo business.

5. Get out there

The biggest way to do this is to go to a tattoo convention. There you more than likely meet people who you share, interest with and it will be a wonderful opportunity for you to promote your company.

6. Give Friday the 13th special offer

These days are usually set aside for special promotional offers and, this is a great way for businesses to increase sales. You can choose to supply small tattoos such as stars, cobwebs or skulls at a lower price.

7. Take advantage of Local SEO by advertising on local listing sites

Just as yellow pages were useful in finding local businesses in the past, online directory sites serve the same purpose today. Make sure that your business can be located on Yelp and Google to receive the business you want. People go to this website to find local businesses and connect with them. They are usually ready to spend money; Therefore by positioning your business properly, you will have the upper hand over the competition.

8. Register on Craigslist

Craigslist is a helpful way to advertise a business and, the best factor is that it is completely free. Place fun ads from your business on a regular basis and, you will experience the benefits.

9. Offer high quality services

Presents da incredible tattoospat helps you market your business all by itself. There’s no way you can attract lots of customers if your service isn’t on par.